Adds a rustic yet elegant feeling of warmth and ageless beauty to any home.


Fact Sheet

  There is an elegant sense of serenity that comes with softwood flooring. Imagine the finest tight grain Douglas Fir, Western Larch or Lodgepole Pine under your feet. WynnWood Flooring is designed to enhance and compliment the look of any home. We select and mould a variety of patterns and styles of softwood flooring for log homes, rustic timber homes, or even contemporary homes.
Flooring made from Douglas Fir is strong, resilient, durable, and lightweight. Douglas Fir’s light rosy color, characteristic straight grain pattern, and tight knot structure create a look uniquely its own. Western Larch is the densest and most durable of the softwoods, providing you with a very resistant floor with consistent color and uniform look.
Lodgepole Pine, grown in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia’s central interior, is the lightest and brightest of the interior softwoods. Its striking contrast between reddish brown knots and surrounding white fiber can give your home a stunning rustic charm beyond compare. Lodgepole Pine has become the choice for high-end, traditional Japanese homes and makes up the largest volume of our flooring sales. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your home exceptional.
All our flooring products come micro-beveled and require only a light sanding before a finish is applied. WynnWood Flooring will give your home a timeless beauty that is enhanced as the wood patinas and the home ages. There is a sense of charm and warmth missing in so many homes today. Let WynnWood Flooring turn your house into your home.

Wynndel Box & Lumber has been producing value added lumber products for 87 years.

The facility is situated in some of the most productive forest land in British Columbia’s Interior. We are a mixed species mill cutting mainly spruce, pine and fir, douglas fir and larch, and inland cedar.

Our principle product line of rough sawn spruce/pine/fir boards are then remanufactured to produce beautiful saw textured trim and siding products. Other products include SPF S4S boards (common & selects) fir boards and lamstock, molding grades, decking, paneling patterns and siding, full sawn rough timbers and cedar products.