Pattern Stock

The best fibre combined with unparalled finishing makes for the finest patterns in the industry.


Fact Sheet


  Wynndel Lumber Sales has been producing a wide variety of traditional wood pattern stock for decades. Our wood is 100% natural, sustainably harvested, additive-free, and completely organic. Bring a little of Mother Nature’s charm into your home today and welcome the warmth and serenity of wood wall coverings or ceilings.
We have now expanded, with the addition of our 2008 Weinig-Hydromat 2000. We are now running two moulders full time to keep up with demand, and are continuing to produce exacting patterns in a number of species and grades with very short turnaround.
We produce a wide variety of paneling products, all of which are available with WynnLock precision end-match. The finished product is meticulously end-capped and sub-bundled to protect and brand the product to ensure your customers ask for it by name.
When you combine some of the finest tight-grained wood in the world with impeccable machining you get wood at the Wynnwood standard!

Custom patterns are available upon request.

Wynndel Box & Lumber has been producing value added lumber products for 87 years.

The facility is situated in some of the most productive forest land in British Columbia’s Interior. We are a mixed species mill cutting mainly spruce, pine and fir, douglas fir and larch, and inland cedar.

Our principle product line of rough sawn spruce/pine/fir boards are then remanufactured to produce beautiful saw textured trim and siding products. Other products include SPF S4S boards (common & selects) fir boards and lamstock, molding grades, decking, paneling patterns and siding, full sawn rough timbers and cedar products.