Antique rough sawn siding products embodying a unique natural wood grain.


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  Now is the time to experience the warmth and everlasting comfort of genuine solid wood siding. Enjoy the natural beauty and unrivaled rustic charm of spruce, pine or Western larch sidings today and marvel at the natural grain pattern in each piece of WynnWood Siding.
Our sidings are all kiln-dried and conditioned to be completely stable. They are available in a variety of patterns, some of which are unique to the WynnWood line. Once run to pattern, an acrylic primer is baked onto the surface, and with the application of a custom coloured acrylic top coat, it is ready for your home. Western Larch is unique to our geographical area, is amazingly durable, and may be just the right fit for your home. Its uniform, golden brown hues and incredibly tight small knots make it the perfect choice for upscale natural applications.
At Wynndel Box and Lumber we have addressed the concerns of both maintenance and high cost of traditional wood sidings by producing our new unique lines of pre-primed, pre-finished and natural WynnWood Siding. If you are ready to add style and sophistication to your home, try our unique rough-sawn WynnWood Siding today.

Wynndel Box & Lumber has been producing value added lumber products for 87 years.

The facility is situated in some of the most productive forest land in British Columbia’s Interior. We are a mixed species mill cutting mainly spruce, pine and fir, douglas fir and larch, and inland cedar.

Our principle product line of rough sawn spruce/pine/fir boards are then remanufactured to produce beautiful saw textured trim and siding products. Other products include SPF S4S boards (common & selects) fir boards and lamstock, molding grades, decking, paneling patterns and siding, full sawn rough timbers and cedar products.